Morning Walk Discoveries

There’s a World of difference between exercising in a gym and the wild outdoors.

There’s something about stepping out into nature in the morning that gives you that dose of SOMETHING – someone please give it a name – that gives you physical and mental strength.

I have this thing about wanting to get out first thing in the morning. I also keep changing my locations. (The lock down has limited my options- but not for long hopefully!)

I’ve come to realize that what you meet on a given session can vary so much depending on a lot of things- the location, the mood of the clouds, the angle of the sun and who you’re walking with!

Take for instance, these pictures captured on my morning walk from my college days. (I had studied in Delhi, and would go Lodhi Garden which is BIG b.t.w., whenever I needed a dose of ‘green’.)

On one particular day, when a started off I spotted these gorgeous lotus flowers in a pond.

By the time I returned via the same path, the same pond was illumined in a different light since the sun had risen further.

Are there such a thing as purple lotuses? Anyway, I found onešŸ˜‡

Walking in the wilderness makes me happy. Considering that my walking mate, now my soul mate, had popped the question to me on one of these walks, makes me appreciate these magical moments all the more āœæ

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