Should I use a sunscreen indoors?

A lot of us are staying indoors as much us possible during these days.

A common misconception is that sun-protection is of concern only if you’re going out during the day.

Though the UV rays from indoor light sources like light bulbs is minimal, donā€™t forget the sunlight exposure through window panes!

While UVB (the sunrays that cause skin burns) cannot penetrate glass windows, UVA rays can. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays and are the main reason for TANNING and premature AGING (‘photoaging’) in the long run, especially if someone is working near window panes. In fact, UV photodamage is the primary cause of premature skin aging, and the effect is cumulative over time.

In short, even if you’re indoors but anywhere within several feet of a window, you are within the reach of UVA rays. (This also applies to traveling by car; sunlight does enter through windows, so it might be a good idea to wear sunglasses and sun block even while driving during the day.)

Taking the right steps for sun-protection can be incredibly useful for your skin’s overall health and appearance. Prevention is easier than correction!

Thatā€™s why it’s recommended to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine, irrespective of whether you are going outdoors or not!

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Published by Dr. Kanya Rani Vashisht

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