The Power of Association

(Background: This a powerful topic that I’ve been reflecting upon lately, and I’m penning down my views here. Hope you enjoy it!)

The ocean reflects the color of the sky

What we associate with day in and day out, has an impact on usšŸ’”

For a minute, let’s look at the way advertisements run. The tactic used is that of periodically repeating and reiterating an idea, till the customer, who may not have been missing anything otherwise, starts feeling convinced of the product’s importance or even start feeling incomplete without it!

You must heard about the importance of associating with good company or people whose qualities you want to imbibe.

But the actual implication of power of association is with reference to the thoughts we entertain. That could be contributed by a lot more things than we give credit to, like our

  • Friend circle; (whom do you talk to, hang out with or chat with the most?)
  • Newsfeed; (it’s called ‘feed’ for a reason)
  • Reading material
  • Audio (podcasts) & video programs (YouTube subscription choices)
  • Work place & home environment

The human mind is a constant thought flow, supported by all the input given to it.

You have to watch what you feed the mind; it’s sure to show up in the outlook, words and actions you choose. (That’s why spending time in nature makes one peaceful- we imbibe its vibe!)

ā˜† It’s important to entertain thoughts that are positive, uplifting & conducive to our goal. Tweak the modifiable inputs wherever possible (e.g. social media, choice of friends), embrace the constant ones and allow your mind to also be your best friend.

Ending this post with one of my favourite quotes!

The law of this world is that we take on the qualities of anything or anyone we associate with~

– HH Radhanath swami, Iskcon

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