Smiling flowers

(Literally though- can you see the pansies smiling back?)

Whenever I look at flowers they make me pause and reflect for a moment.

I haven’t done much for themā€”why are they blooming, exuding happiness and putting their best face forward for no apparent reason? (At first I passed it off as a mechanism to attract bees ‘n’ stuffā€”but the internet says bees can’t see colors like reds and pinks very well, so..that’s that!šŸ˜…).

When it comes to nature which is so ‘alive’, dynamic and completely independent of human existence, I let a lot of the phenomena transcend human logic.

Back to smiling flowersā€”irrespective of the onlooker’s expression, weather or location (like atop a lonely peak or valley)ā€”they spread fragrance and make the world a happier place!šŸŒø

Here lies the joy of freedom from so many negative emotions.

Below are some uplifting thoughts I came across recently that brought deep meaning and helped me focus on the takeaway.

The secret of getting is GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! Those of crumpled hearts can never understand it and modern economics has not dared to expound it.

Swami Chinmayananda

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Keep smiling!šŸŒ·

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