London virtual diaries〰︎2019

Oh, hello days when we never knew what Covid was! When masks would be a thing of the future! I was literally living my best life👡

Looking back amidst the smouldering pandemic, I’m super grateful and happy to relive our best moments we made at London while we had the opportunity a couple of years ago— a time when we could travel with an open mind.

The weather was cloudy with a slight chill, the air clear and the city welcoming with a LOT to explore in over a week’s time.

We travelled between major stops via the ‘Tube’ (the metro system— some parts of which are underground).

The double-decker Red bus helped us tour the major visiting spots within each area.

A boat cruise across the river Thames brought us closer to many of the landmarks of the city.

First thing’s first— the London Bridge was PRETTY. The Shard, a glass skyscraper building, had a towering presence that dominated the skyline. They say it has 72 storeys.

I’d say the best part of the river cruise was watching the sunset with my better half beside me.

One particular landmark that caught my eye was the ‘London eye’ (pun intended!) Visible from afar from different angles as we crossed the city by road and boat, we decided to get a closer look and ride the giant Ferris wheel. There were 8 to 10 people within each ‘capsule’. It was a smooth ride with a breathtaking bird’s-eye view, spanning across the breadth of the city and the river Thames.

The nature lover in me went wild in the wilderness of the Royal Botanic gardens. Even though it was a long walk, the autumn shades and vibrant colors were very relaxing.

The ducks and swans just made the day better

The roads were all lit up for Christmas🎊🎊

Ending this with a still from the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum (Trump was still US president back then), and (for Harry Potter fans) the last one from Platform 9¾ at the Kingcross station. Gryffindor fans, anyone?

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