On positive transformation

At times, I have noticed that some people ‘gang up’ against goodness, united by a subconscious sense of threat of being surpassed.

It is my personal observation that the most successful cultures, systems and institutions out there are the ones that identify, harness and publicly encourage goodness, and not turn a blind eye towards it or suppress it.

This video provides perspective of how an entire institution is welcoming children who are unsure of being accepted in a new environment, instead of ignoring their presence as unimportant, or sunconsciously teaming up against them as ‘newcomers’.

What do you think?

Video credits: @nytimes Instagram page

(Video link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbIX8J9ASEV/?utm_medium=copy_link)

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Dermatologist by day. Dreamer by dusk.

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