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« In a society that looks for imperfections, it’s a mini protest to love yourself. » —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s great never to forget the basics. The key to beauty is an inside job, and it WILL reflect in whatever you do. You cannot get the realization of self worth and confidence from anyone but yourself,…

How pollution can affect the skin

The increase in air pollution over the years has had major effects on the human skin. It’s important to broadly identify and understand these changes, so that they can be addressed and preferably, prevented! 📍 Various air pollutants along with, ultraviolet radiation, particulate matter and cigarette smoke affect the skin (which is the outermost barrier),…

Face washing 101

How you wash your face can make a difference in your appearance. Here are some recommendations from dermatologists to help you keep your face looking healthy!

Winter Skin Tips ❄

With the arrival of winter, we also must acclimatize to cold temps, low humidity and harsh winds that can take a toll on one’s skin.

Depending on where you live and how cold it gets for you during the winter months, you may consider re-adjusting your skin care routine.

Here are a few…

Should I use a sunscreen indoors?

A lot of us are staying indoors as much us possible during these days. A common misconception is that sun-protection is of concern only if you’re going out during the day. Though the UV rays from indoor light sources like light bulbs is minimal, don’t forget the sunlight exposure through window panes! While UVB (the…

The Hair Growth Cycle

Get back to your roots! Understanding hair growth is key to optimising hair growth and minimising hair shedding.

Psoriasis- learn more about it!

Today is World Psoriasis Day- a day dedicated to people who have psoriasis. The theme for this year is ‘Informed!’ Staying informed about this condition is important since it isn’t uncommon- it affects 2% of people worldwide.

Why protective face masks can affect the skin (and how you can prevent it)

While many frontline workers already wear protective masks every day, wearing a face mask out in public has suddenly become a part of daily life for the rest of us as well. Face masks may be necessary for now, but wearing them regularly or for prolonged periods can be hard on the skin.

Keep reading…

Understanding your Skin type

It’s good to understand your own skin type. It helps build a good skin care regime & design treatment protocols. This post provides a broad overview.

Perception towards Vitiligo☯️

There’s a global pandemic outside and another pandemic within. The striking contrast of leaves spotted against the sky creates a sense of beauty, peace & harmony. When the skin borrows the same pattern it’s viewed through an entirely different lens. Can we correct the lens?

Beauty Blog Beginnings🩺

I’m happy to share this section of my blog: “Glow & Grow”… Glow from the outside & grow from within :), which will be sprinkled with skin care tips on an ongoing basis.

I am sure you will enjoy & benefit from this small contribution of mine in addition to the topics shared on my…

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