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On positive transformation

At times, I have noticed that some people ‘gang up’ against goodness, united by a subconscious sense of threat of being surpassed. It is my personal observation that the most successful cultures, systems and institutions out there are the ones that identify, harness and publicly encourage goodness, andContinue reading “On positive transformation”

Mountains calling! A divine experience

Sharing some stills while traveling through the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas with family.

Weaving through the hills, at some places we were in the valleys looking up to the majestic heights of snowcapped peaks, while elsewhere we were above the clouds & literally on top of the world! More moments captured inside post📸

Random musing

Often, the coolest way to get back at someone.. is to NOT try to change the misconceptions they choose to harbour against you 😅


The right path vs. popularity— if these involved different paths, which would you choose..?

The Boat Race @ backwaters, Kerala

Life is a Boat ride.. not a Boat race🙂
Sharing a throwback from a houseboating trip in the backwaters of Kerala, India.

Nature knows no lockdown

Today is World Environment day♻️ The lockdown has opened the door to a ‘global environmental experiment’ and has been somewhat of a relief for nature. Clearer skies, fresher air, new bird species and more greenery. Hope we can keep it that way 💚

Smiling flowers

Keeping reading to learn why flowers smile back when you look at them😊

The Power of Association

(Background: This a powerful topic that I’ve been reflecting upon lately, and I’m penning down my views here. Hope you enjoy it!) The ocean reflects the color of the sky What we associate with day in and day out, has an impact on us💡 For a minute, let’sContinue reading “The Power of Association”

One liner Wednesday

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me🔥
~Joshua Graham

One-liner Wednesday ~

Take care of your thoughts when you are alone; take care of your words when you are with people.

Cloud imagery

Read on to find out the interpretation~

Festivity time Artwork: Diwali

This is a Rangoli I made for this Diwali! Rangoli is an art form popular in India, in which designs are created on the floor of one’s home or courtyard using materials like coloured sand and flower petals. It signifies happiness, auspiciousness and celebration during the festive season!


Footprints on the sands of life;

Many may cross paths for a season,

But may or may not parallel yours

In direction, intent or reason~

©Dr. Kanya Rani


The Vastness of the ocean opens the mind to infinite possibilities~ (In response to prompt: What does vastness mean to you. Picture courtesy: clicked by myself in Denmark)

Let it go

Letting go is an art..🎈 Your future needs you; your past doesn’t ~

Autumn days🍂🍁

Since this is the season we’re about to enter, I’d like to share something inspiring about Autumn.

The graceful falling of leaves when the season is right; observing nature shed its beauty… indicates to the receptive mind the impermanence of this world.

~Turn to that, which is eternal~

Dr. Kanya Rani

Sunrise delights ☀

‘Each morning sunrise paints a new sky.’
(Sunrise captured from the same angle on consecutive days of a week~)

Seaside Steadiness🌊

Once I was calmly sitting in a boat by the seaside, with only my soulmate beside me. We were gazing across the sea into the distance. The serenity was only interrupted by occasional small jolts, from behind the boat. But since we were at the shore and theContinue reading “Seaside Steadiness🌊”

Mind your Mind 💭

The mind so frivolous
Like ocean tide
Will sway you, turn you
Side to side
‘Distracted’, ‘dejected’
‘Can’t decide’
Takes you on a
Bumpy ride •
But the same mind
When refined & trained-
Brought to calmness
Magically transforms 💫
Into a best friend
A constant companion;
You choose the end ☯️
©Dr. Kanya Rani

Be Flammazing~

Travel always inspires some enlightening moments, like this one from one of my escapades. Get ready for some Flamingo wisdom!


Slow down.
Where are you going so fast?
The earth is round; even if you scramble around it,
You’ll still end up where you started.

One cannot escape one’s inner Self💡

©Dr. Kanya Rani

abstract background of sandy terrain with green plants


You tried to ruin me,
And get into my veins.
Instead, I renewed myself💫
Your deception went in vain.
In response to Tuesday writing prompt challenge (Finish the phrase: You tried to ruin me..)


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